Guidelines for authors

I. The themes of Review
“Perspectives of Business Law” Journal publishes scientific papers that were presented at the International Conference "PERSPECTIVES OF BUSINESS LAW IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM" ( . This Journal  is a platform of international legal debate that examines recent developments and prospects for development of business law. “Perspectives of Business Law” Journal publishes studies and jurisprudence analyses in all areas of legal sciences. The Journal opens its pages to authors from different countries, from the legal education space and from the practitioners of law, encouraging both publication of international interest studies covering comparative law, European Union law, international trade law, public international law, and the studies on the particularities of national law.

II. Title of the article
The title is written in capital letters, Times New Roman 14, bold, centered, in English.

III. Author(s)
First and last name of the author(s) should be written Times New Roman 12 on the right, bold, double-space under the title, being preceded by academic rank and scientific title (if it is the case). The family name will be written in capital letters. The name will be followed by an indication of the main institutional affiliation (for each author separately, if it is the case) and e-mail, written in Times New Roman 12, bold, italic.

IV. Abstract
The abstract has to be of 150-200 words and has to be written in English, with Times New Roman 12, italic, justify, two lines under the author’s name. The abstract will include: objectives of the study, the research methods used, results and implications of the study.

V. Keywords
4-6 keywords that comprise the essencce of the article have to be mentioned, in English, at 2 lines under the abstract, with Times New Roman 12, italic, justify.

VI. JEL Classification
After keywords, please indicate framing of the article in one or more categories in JEL classification (Division K for law and economics literature).

VII. Paper Body
Text of the article will be written in English. The Romanian authors will also send the Romanian version of the text. The text will be written in Times New Roman 12, justify, single line spacing. The articles submitted for publication in our journal cannot exceed 15 standard pages. The article will be divided into sections, each with a heading. Introductory section will include identifying the problem investigated, novelty compared to existing doctrinal approaches, research structure, detailing research methods used, the solutions proposed. At the end of the article shall be inserted a section of conclusions with research results and ways to exploitation of the results.

VIII. The footnotes
The footnotes should use Times New Roman 9, justify, single line spacing. The footnotes will continue on the following pages and won’t start with no. 1 on each page. All quoted works and the jurisprudence should be mentioned only in footnotes. For quoted works, the author(s) full name should be included, then the title of the work (book, article), publishing house/journal, city, year of publishing/journal number, pages(s) number. The names of publishing houses, as well as those of books and journals have to be written in full form, not abbreviated. Titles of books and articles are written italic. The names of journals should be written in quotation marks. When articles, books, or official documents are accessed via the internet, the reference should be formatted as described above, noting that "the document is available online at ..." and indicate the date last accessed. In the case of jurisprudence, the document’s name has to be mentioned, its number, the date of ruling/issuing, the issuing authority (court) and the publication where it is included  (The Official Gazette, case law reports etc. It is necessary that the reference works used to be shown and a short bibliography at the end of the article.

IX. Page layout
The paper has to be written using A4 format (margins: top/bottom/left/right 2 cm). The pages will be numbered with Arabic numbers continuously, from first to last page.

X. The Exclusive responsibility of the authors for the content of articles
Articles must be original and may not have been published in other journals. The authors are required to follow the copyright legislation and to avoid completely any form of plagiarism. In case of breach of copyright law and in the case of plagiarism, the entire responsibility rests with the author of the article. The editorial board of “Perspectives of Business Law” Journal does not assume any liability for infringement by the authors of the regulations included in copyright legislation and the achievement of plagiarism. Also, the editorial board of “Perspectives of Business Law” Journal is exempted from any liability regarding the author’s points of view included in the published articles. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain any authorization relative to duplication and copyright relative to texts that are quoted and duplicated in their text.

XI. The selection of articles using the “double blind” peer review process
The articles published in the “Perspectives of Business Law” Journal will be revised using the "peer review" system, respecting international standards of scientific journals. Thus, any article submitted for publication will be reviewed by three specialists with a national and international reputation in legal sciences. Review will be done on an anonymous basis (author's name is not communicated to the reviewers; reviewers name is not communicated to the author). If necessary, the authors will receive recommendations and observations to improve the quality of their paper's content. It is possible to refuse publication of the article to the proposal made by reviewers.

XII. Open Access Policy
This is an open access journal in on-line version which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author, but subject to the following conditions:
• is mentioned the name(s) of the author(s), article title, that article is published in Juridical Tribune Journal and indicate page/pages cited of the journal;
• exactly reproduction of the material when it is quoted, used, discussed or multiplied;
• the copyright of the author(s) may not be infringed in any way.

XIII. The processing and submission fees
The “Perspectives of Business Law” Journal does not charge the processing and submission fees for journal articles.

XIV. Mailing address
Materials will be sent in electronic format at: office[at]

“Perspectives of Business Law” Journal is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

XIII. Mailing address
Materials will be sent in electronic format at: office[at]