“Oglinda&Partners is the law firm that constantly adapts to the requirements and dynamism of the business market in Romania. Business law, especially in the 3rd millennium, becomes one of the most complex and required areas of practice.
In this respect, arbitration, as an alternative dispute resolution method, becomes more and more attractive for entrepreneurs in solving problems related to thei activity. Flexibility, confidentiality and celerity are the main advantages of arbitration. This is why, our law firm is specialized in the field of domestic and international arbitration, in the intention to meet with the problems of our clients and find practical and efficient solutions that lead to the desired results.

The Perspectives of business law in the 3rd millennium converge towards the idea of efficiency, dynamism and quality. These aspects must be and are constantly followed by entrepreneurs in their day by day activity as well as in choosing their partners, regardless the field of activity.”


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