At the conference were enrolled 153 people from 28 countries for the hearing of the proceedings or the presentation of scientific papers. Participants were lawyers, judges, mediators, arbitrators, notaries, insolvency practitioners, legal advisers, tax consultants, legal experts, academics, civil servants, members of non-governmental organizations, businessmen, and PhD students interested in recent developments and prospects for development of national, comparative and international business law.


    The topics of the papers are various, falling in areas such as:

    • European Union Law: the European Banking Union, European Union rules in the matter of dismissal of employees, the competition rules applicable to undertakings in the European Union, Commission - legislative promoter and external representative of the European Union, the Commission initiatives to promote the general interest of European Union; European Commission regulations for the liberal professions and and business environment; invalidation implications of the Data Retention Directive on telecom operators, considerations on the new European Union regulatory in the mattter of payment services;
    • Commercial Law: general meetings of shareholders for listed companies; joint venture, considerations regarding the right of representation and liability of company directors, legal considerations on natural person authorized; considerations regarding of the repurchase agreement, cross border and domestic mergers, the concept of unfair terms in consumer contracts,the right of subsequent disposal in cargo transportation agreement.
    • Civil Law: fiducia in the new Romanian Civil Code, dispossession of assets in the new Romanian Civil Code, amendment of clauses on the basis of the contractual behaviour of the parties – application of Estoppel doctrine, the principle of progressive use of the contractual remedies, the cluster – an entity with or without judicial personality, the transaction whose object invocation of unfair terms in contracts, material law conditions of acquisitive prescription in the new Romanian Civil Code
    • Labour Law: illegal acts- condition of liability for damages caused in exercising legal labor relations, the juridical relationship between the day laborer and the beneficiary in light of the Romanian Law no. 52/2011 concerning the execution of the occasional activities performed by day laborers, the right to strike of the employees posted in the framework of the transnational services, aspects of the legal effects which it produces individual employment contract after termination, the participation to the collective labor conflicts, the dignity of the employee – types of abusive behaviors at the work place and the legal protection level against them, the subordination of the employee to the employer – the fundamental legal characteristic of the individual employment contract, certain matters related to the legal regime of the probation period in Romania;
    • Corporate Governance: legal framework development of corporate governance in India; employees' rights in the context of corporate governance;
    • Fiscal Law: special tax treatment for specific individuals and international organisations provided under international law, tributes imposed on tourists as a new-old source of local governments income, double tax avoidance agreements – consequential taxability;
    • Criminal Law of Business: criminal liability of legal persons, the concept of victim in international and European legal proceedings, criminal universal jurisdiction in the EU perspective, considerations on the system of enforcement established by the new Romanian Criminal Code;
    • Human Rights: the status of human rights in Kashmir under the legal frame work of international law
    • Arbitration: Arbitration’s perspectives in the light of EU regulations, the principles of law applicable to the arbitral procedure, the development of commercial arbitration law in Sub-Saharan Africa;
    • Insolvency: concordat procedure in Romania; the economic interest group insolvency;  perspectives on legal, accounting and fiscal as a means of payment release of liability companies in the insolvency procedure;
    • Administrative Law: the modification of a public procurement contract under the new European directives on public procurement, aspect pertaining to the legal regime of presidential decrees in Romania, the legal regime of state aids, legal nature o Romanian President Decree of appointment of a judge at the Romanian Constitutional Court, the evolution of administrative law in Albania,
    • Constitutional Law: constitutional right of freee enterprise in Russia, legal regime of lobby activities in comparative law
    • Inheritance law: rules on the conflict of laws in the matter of succession in Romanian private international law
    • General Theory of Law: historical considerations regarding the public law – private law dichotomy, considerations regarding the legal responsibility and the social responsibility, considerations regarding law as an instrument of communication;
    • Information technology law: causes and implications of piracy in the software case study, implications of electronic commerce law in Romania, legal framework of the signature in the age of new technologies;
    • Banking Law: unpredictability and unfair terms in bank contracts

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Important Dates

  • • Until November 5, 2014
    submitting the registration form
  • • Until November 10, 2014
    sending full text of scientific paper in English
  • • Until November 15, 2014
    confirmation of the scientific papers to be presented at the Conference.
  • • Until November 20, 2014
    conference participation fee