• The book "Studies of Business Law - Recent Developments and Perspectives" appeared to Peter Lang International Academic Publishers.
    This volume contains some of the papers presented at the 2nd International Conference "PERSPECTIVES OF BUSINESS LAW IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM" of 2 November 2012. The volume appeared with the support of the Society of Juridical and Administrative Sciences. The editor of this volume is Mr. lecturer Catalin-Silviu Săraru, PhD. Peter Lang International Academic Publishers is an international publisher with offices in Frankfurt, New York, Oxford, Bern, Brussels, Vienna and Warsaw. Peter Lannd publishes books, monographs, courses in social sciences. In Romania „Peter Lang” Publishing House is recognized by the National Council of Scientific Research in the prestigious list of international publishers in the social sciences (click here for a list). The volume is listed in international data bases and is found in the Library of Congress, British Library, Electre, VLB (Directory of in-print books), H.W. Wilson Cumulative Book Index, R.R. Bowker, well as in other national libraries (in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Poland, etc.). The scientific studies included in this volume are grouped into three chapters: I. Recent developments and perspectives in the regulation of business law at European Union level; II. Transposition of European Union directives into national law; III. Recent developments and perspectives in the regulation of international business law. To access the table of contents and presentation of this volume on Peter Lang Publishing House website click here.
  • A new partner journal at the Conference

    International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics
    IJBGE publishes high quality papers from a wide variety of disciplinary orientations on the general subject of business governance and ethics. The journal style and dialogue will be inclusive and attempt to involve all those who are interested in issues of business governance and ethics: business leaders, managers, employees, stockholders, business regulators (government agencies, national and international), consumer groups, and academics. The journal will publish theoretical (literature review based), empirical (work surveys and case studies) and critically reflective work (thought-leadership commentaries) describing and developing pertinent insights into the broad subject matter. The style will be, as far as possible, free from specialist jargon. The journal is published quarterly and is indexed in Scopus (Elsevier), ABI/Inform (Proquest), Academic OneFile (Gale), Business and Company Resource Center (Gale), EconLit (American Economic Association), General BusinessFile ASAP International (Gale), General OneFile (Gale), InfoTrac Custom Journals (Gale), Inspec (Institution of Engineering and Technology), Materials Business File (CSA), Scirus (Elsevier), Google Scholar, Australian Business Deans Council Journal Rankings List 2010, Association of Business Schools (UK) Journal list 2010, Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities, Authority List of Academic Journals (Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Higher Education), Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA): Journal list 2012, Handelsblatt Ranking VWL – Journaliste 2010. Notes for authors.

  • Participants and scientific papers registered at the Conference

    Participants from 19 countries have registered at the conference to hear debates or to sustain a scientific paper. Participants are: lawyers, magistrates, mediators, arbitrators, notaries, insolvency practitioners, legal advisers, tax consultants, academics, civil servants, members of NGOs, businessmen, and PhD students interested in recent developments and prospects for development of national, comparative and international business law.

    The topics of the papers are various, falling in areas such as:

    • European Union law: institutional developments in the EU after the Lisbon Treaty, restrictions on state aid in the EU Member States, the European Union exercise of the powers principles, the principle of equal treatment as regards dismissal in the case law of CJEU, public-private partnership under the influence of EU rules, the Common Customs Tariff of the European Union, the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union, discrimination by association in European Union law;
    • Commercial law: regulating of the stock exchanges in comparative law, comparative law treatment of investors; clauses and unfair practices in the relationships between traders, the control of concentrations of undertakings, types of companies in comparative law, the function of payment instrument of the warrant;
    • Labor law: the identity crisis of labor law, posting of workers in the transnational provision of services, negotiated in labor relations, conflict management work;
    • Business governance: corporate governance in comparative law, the rights and obligations of company directors in comparative law, recent developments in the regulation and implementation of corporate governance;
    • Fiscal Law: the taxation of traders in comparative law;
    • Criminal law of business: economic crimes in comparative law, preventing corruption in international business projects, fraud in electronic commerce, legislative safeguards to prevent corruption of judges in comparative law;
    • International Maritime Law: perspectives of development of international maritime transport, piracy in international maritime law;
    • Human rights: implementation of human rights conventions adopted by international organizations, freedom of expression in comparative law;
    • Mediation and arbitration: the role of mediation in resolving disputes, the role of arbitration as an alternative to state justice, arbitration costs in international commercial arbitration;
    • Insolvency: insolvency in comparative law, conflicts of jurisdiction about the opening of international bankruptcy procedure;
    • Environmental law: the concept of environment and sustainable development in comparative law;
    • Insurance law: assessing damages in insurance law;
    • Administrative Law: the mining concession in European law, public policy and legal constraints, outsourcing of public tasks;
    • Constitutional Law: citizens' legislative initiative at EU level, constitutional guarantees which ensure the independence of judges.

Important Dates

  • Until October 20, 2013
    submitting the registration form
  • Until October 25, 2013
    sending full text of scientific paper in English
  • Until October 27, 2013
    confirmation of the scientific papers to be presented at the Conference.
  • Until November 1, 2013
    conference participation fee